Together, our work helps more than just your patients.

As a family, we are so grateful for your help in applying for MassHealth for Andrew. You all helped us navigate a challenging process during a difficult time. We are so grateful for your help…

Appreciative family members

Your hard work and persistence payed off. Thank you very much for the effort you put in to get my sister Mary approved for MassHealth.

Appreciative family member

…I have been really upset and emotional, yet somehow when I got off the phone with Rhi I no longer felt so alone or hopeless. She returned my phone calls promptly and answered any questions I had. I am so grateful for all the time and labor that were spent on my behalf.

Appreciative family member

PV Kent & Associates—Accurate and Efficient

The process of applying for MassHealth eligibility can be daunting, especially when providers lack the internal resources to dedicate to MassHealth application services. These responsibilities include patient eligibility, screening, process follow-through, and verification of eligibility for MassHealth coverage. PV Kent & Associates solve these resource challenges. Our legal professionals are trained to maximize health insurance coverage, and care for patients, and payments for providers. We do this by screening patients for eligibility, applying for MassHealth benefits with meticulous precision, and securing appropriate levels of coverage for patients in need of health insurance coverage.

Leaders In Obtaining MassHealth / Long-term Care Eligibility and Coverage

As medical care needs evolve, and long-term care needs expand, the complexity of securing Medicaid eligibility for long-term needs is ever more challenging. It requires timely and accurate application submissions, as well as a rigorous assessment of patients’ and families’ needs. PV Kent is both meticulous and thorough in these regards. PV Kent delivers best-in-market expertise in MassHealth eligibility for long-term, post-acute, and chronic care situations.

Patient Services

PV Kent has a multilingual staff (English, Spanish, and Portuguese) to assist patients with complex application processes, submit required verifications, and facilitate progress with the MassHealth Enrollment Center.

PV Kent strives to secure the highest levels of benefit. We track all applications, and continuously monitor progress from the filing of the application through determination of eligibility. PV Kent provides these services to hospitals, and rehabilitation facilities.

Hands-on Provider Help

Our unmatched expertise in the ever-changing complexities of Massachusetts and federal-health regulations makes us the most efficient outsource partner for managing these responsibilities. Our legal team is current on all regulatory changes, and able to challenge erroneous decisions through the MassHealth Board of Hearings.

MassHealth Community and Long-Term Care Application Services

We navigate MassHealth applications processes and procedures to meet each client’s specific needs. For example, healthcare providers turn to us to:

  • Communicate by phone, and through email with patients and families to complete application processes
  • Identify patient eligibility to apply for MassHealth
  • Secure signed releases necessary for our office to represent the care facility and patient/family
  • When possible, request and secure documentation directly from outside source
  • Request and submit all necessary documentation, including medical records, when necessary
  • Communicate with MassHealth Long Term Care Workers
  • Follow up on all MassHealth deadlines
  • Enroll patients with the appropriate primary care physician/clinician (community applications)
  • Obtain Long Term Care Coding for patients’ care facility (Long Term Care Applications)
  • Ascertain accuracy of approval or denial notice
  • Request and attend fair hearings, as needed

Increase Patient Eligibility and Revenue

We optimize staff productivity and revenue for hospitals, long-term care, and rehabilitation facilities.

Call us at 978.777.9998 and ask for Michelle Rhudick (ext. 323)
to learn how we can help increase your revenues.