Coordination of benefits
can be complicated.

Claims submission deadlines between workers’ comp and health carriers demand a balancing act, and often result in erroneous denials. Our experts effectively appeal denials to achieve payment.

PV Kent Workers Compensation Claims

Workers’ Compensation Claims Management

With more than 50 years of experience, we understand the intricacies of workers compensation claims. We coordinate adeptly with employers and insurance companies to ensure reimbursement for claims.

Maximize Revenue And Profit

Insurance companies that offer workers’ compensation insurance have every incentive to avoid or minimize payment of claims. In the case of an on-the-job injury, health insurers’ payment responsibility varies based on several factors. In many cases, healthcare providers must secure payment under the Workers’ Compensation program, before turning to other payers.

PV Kent aggressively pursues claims filed with workers’ compensation and health insurance carriers. We maximize reimbursement within all applicable rules and regulations.

Accuracy is a critical component of Workers’ Compensation claims. Frequently, carriers deny charges on the basis that a provider’s services were unrelated to a specified injury, or that the injury was unrelated to work, or that services rendered were excessive or unauthorized. Our Workers Compensation Department routinely challenges denials and insufficient payment rates.

Dedicated To Healthcare Providers

By producing detailed, accurate, and timely documentation, PV Kent specialists greatly reduces instances of erroneous denial and subsequent delay. We also perform all necessary follow-up to pursue proper payment. In addition, our attorneys represent our clients before administrative or judicial bodies. When necessary, we seek remuneration from Workers’ Compensation insurers and the Department of Industrial Accident (DIA)Trust Fund.

Our Claim Services Follow the Same Rigorous Process